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Why Misschief?

Often, when women are considering going into the adult industry, they don’t think of sensual massage. We want to change that! Sensual massage is a fantastic way to start out in the adult industry for many reasons. In sensual massage you have full control over what you want to offer in the room. There is a standard service which is covered in the base rate and everything on top of that is completely, 100% up to you. You can decide to offer a variety of extras or none at all. The face of sensual massage is changing!  Misschief Massage is now the leading agency in this niche market in Wellington and with this in mind we take our time to ensure we have the best women working with us. We already have an amazing team of dedicated women who are all committed to providing the very best sensual massage service, could our next member be you?

Our Environment

One of the best things about working at Misschief is the environment we have here. All our women are valued and they each bring their own unique vibe to the service. I am passionate about providing a fun and safe space for our ladies and I strongly believe we have the best women in the industry working with us! We have a small – medium sized, close-knit team which is just the way I like it! There’s plenty of work to go around for each woman and all the ladies each have their own unique market within our client base.  

We offer a welcoming space within a tight team of discreet and professional women.  It is important to us that all our women enjoy the work they do and we are proud to say our women genuinely do love their work! We provide a supportive, understanding and professional environment and we are all passionate about bringing a modern and refreshing face to sensual massage!

You are always supported in your choices at Misschief, for example, If you do not click with a client for any reason, you simply let Anna know and you will not have to see him again. We value your discretion and privacy as much as our customers so please be assured your application and any subsequent work with us will be treated in the strictest confidence.  

Erotic Massage Training


If you have never even given a massage before do not be worried! We provide full training which includes one or more individual training sessions with one of our most experienced women and at least one appointment together with a fellow masseuse and a customer/client.

Anna will spend time with you working through some of the finer details such as pricing your extras, working with the range of clients we see and troubleshooting any issues or concerns you might have.

We ensure your first few weeks you are only seeing customers we already know. We make sure we are there with you after every booking to ensure you have the opportunity to debrief and ask any questions you might have.

We are dedicated to providing a safe and empowering work environment for all our women and this includes ensuring you feel completely comfortable before you head into your first independent booking.

Our Client Base

We have a fantastic client base here at Misschief. Our clients are everyday people, a range of ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Our clients are respectful of our ladies and we tend to have very few issues with misbehaving clients in the rooms.

We do have strict processes in place (including permanent banning) for any clients who are not respecting boundaries in the rooms but thankfully,  this is not a very common situation for us.

As stated above, If you do not click with a client for any reason, you simply let Anna know and you will not have to see him again. 

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Earning Potential

Earning potential can be anything from $200-$1500 per week dependent on what extras you offer as well as your availability and commitment to strive to be the very best masseuse! Rest assured that if you are committed to providing a top service, Misschief has the best customers available for you to see!

We take less than 50% of the base booking fee and you keep 100% of your extra earnings. We have no bonds, shift fees or any other dodgy hidden costs! We provide everything you need including oils, advertising, photoshoots and linen. We have plenty of work available we just need you!

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