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Misschief Mission

Our mission

Our mission is to continue to be the leading boutique agency in Wellington dealing exclusively in Sensual Massage. We don’t try to do everything, we focus on doing one thing… and we do it right. We aim to provide every client with a special, memorable experience whether you are a first-time visitor or one of our regular clientele.  My personal passion is providing you with the very best customer service to ensure your experience is as seamless as possible from first contact through to floating back to reality after your booking.  For the ladies we work with, our mission is to provide a safe, fun and supportive environment where there is a high level of trust and care for one another. We feel we have achieved this and we work hard to ensure it stays this way. Ultimately, we want to be the agency of choice for men, women and couples looking to explore or indulge in sensual massage. We believe we offer the very best Sensual Massage service in Wellington, so ask yourself…. have you been up to Misschief lately?

Our Agency

Our beautiful masseuses are handpicked by Anna and trained to the very best standards. Our ladies use an unscented, natural coconut oil, warmed to the perfect temperature. You needn’t do anything more then relax, unwind and enjoy the sensation of her soft, sensual hands caressing all the right pleasure zones.

We pride ourselves on being focused solely on providing the highest quality sensual massage. You are greeted by your masseuse at the door so you won’t need to see anybody else. She will take complete care of you from the minute you arrive until you float back out into your daily life that little bit lighter!

Our rooms each have their own ensuite so you are tucked away in your private sanctuary from the minute your appointment begins until it ends. You never have to worry you might bump into someone on your way to the bathroom or feel the cold draft when you have to leave the massage room wrapped in a towel!

Misschief’s focus is to provide a genuine experience where both yourself and the lady you are spending time with, leave feeling mutually fulfilled. The women we choose to work with all have a passion for providing an authentic service and creating meaningful moments with the people they see.

Our customers will tell you that our ladies love what they do! We think our customers are great and our ladies love nothing more than to treat and pamper them every time they come through the door! You can rest assured you will always be in good hands when you come to see any of the Misschief ladies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the base rate?

The base rate of your massage includes a nude sensual massage, body slides and hand relief at the end. Some light touching on the outer buttocks / hips / breasts is generally ok but It does not include any touching of the lady’s vagina or moderate / heavy touching of her breasts. If you are unsure how much touching is ok, you should follow the lead of the lady you are with to ensure you both get the most out of your booking.

When does my time begin?

The general rule here is that your time begins at the time you arrive at our premises however if you are late there is no guarantee you will be able to keep the full length of your booking. If you are running late it is always best to flick Anna a txt to let her know to avoid any confusion or crossovers.

What extras are available?

Most extras are available at Misschief but we do not offer full service. Each lady decides which extras she would like to offer and there is an extra key on each lady’s profile to help you easily identify who offers which extras. Please do not ask our ladies for extras they do not offer and please also refrain from asking them for full service. Our sister site www.thebedroom.co.nz has a range of fantastic women offering full-service options if this is more suited to your needs. The Misschief ladies offer all sorts of cheeky extras including kissing, intimate touching, mutual oral, prostate massage, showering together and much more! Take a look at the Cheeky Extras section in each lady’s profile for more information

Is it private/ discreet?

We pride ourselves on our discretion. It is one of our most important values and we work diligently on it for everyone’s privacy. Our place is low key and without any signage. Our ladies will never approach you or indicate the recognise you in any way should you bump into them in the outside world and they appreciate the same discretion in return. Unless you have been to our place for a massage you would never know we were there. We ask all clients to be discreet when they come to our premises for everyone’s privacy.  Anna is here to help so if you get stuck with anything call her and she will do her upmost to get it sorted!


Here are some helpful tips to ensure you have the most fun during your session! Following these guidelines will make you a sure favourite amongst our ladies and means you’ll always be welcome at our establishment. 

Be polite and respect our ladies’ boundaries. 

Different women are comfortable with different extras so it’s helpful to take the time beforehand to check that the lady you want to book with offers the things you have in mind. While the extras listed on a lady’s profile are a guideline, keep in mind our ladies are human beings and sometimes there may be a reason she is unable to offer a particular extra in a session. If that’s the case that will be covered at the start of the booking so you’ll never pay for something she isn’t offering in that booking. 

Once you have agreed on extras it’s important to keep within those agreed limits. You can negotiate with your masseuse to add extras but it’s never polite to try help yourself!

Don’t ask to see our ladies privately or ask them on a date. 

Working at Misschief is a choice our ladies have made and arranging to see the ladies privately can put their job at risk. Please respect that this is their employment and avoid creating an awkward situation by asking them for something they are unable to provide. We offer a fantastic Dine & Relax package if you would like to spend some time with your masseuse outside the massage room while still respecting the boundaries of her employment. 

Wash well in the shower, ensure your nails are trimmed, hands clean and your breath is fresh!

This point cannot be stressed enough. If you would like your masseuse to get up close and personal… please take the time to get cleaned up well! We provide both body wash and soap for exactly this purpose! We ask that you use it and pay particular attention to those areas you’re wanting your masseuse to put her attention to! 

Trimmed, clean nails and hands are an essential if you are looking at certain extras. As is clean, fresh breath! We provide mints, water and have disposable toothbrushing kits available for your use so please help yourself. We promise your masseuse will appreciate it!

Turn up at the time of your appointment

We keep extremely strict times. We work hard to make sure you never bump into another client when you arrive or leave Misschief. If you are running late, please txt Anna and let her know. If you are early, you are welcome to txt and ask if it is ok for you to come up early and Anna will let you know, but as a general rule, if you buzz earlier than your appointment time you will be asked to come back at the time of your booking. If you are more then 5 minutes late there may be times we are unable to keep your full booking time. Communication is key here and good communication is always appreciated! 


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