Our Ladies


Monday 13th January Brooke (10-8), Alex (11-4)

Tuesday Isla (10-3), Celeste (11-4), Alex (11-4)

Wednesday Isla (10-3), Celeste (11-4), Alex (11-4), Brooke (10-8)

Thursday Isla (10-3), Brooke (10-8), Alex (11-4)

Friday  Isla (10-3), Alex (11-4), Ameera (10-7), Brooke (10-8), Remy (2-6)

Saturday Alex (12-4), Isla (12-4), Ameera (12-7), Remy (4.30-6)

More hours to come 

Poppy - pre-bookings only 

If you would like to see one of our ladies but their rostered hours don’t suit your schedule, the Misschief ladies are available for pre-bookings outside their rostered hours. Give Anna a call to discuss your options.

Please note we do not accept calls from blocked or private numbers